Podcast: Cuts, and the future of infrastructures

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We all know public services are facing the harshest cuts in decades promising high drama across the board. But the ongoing story is how these decisions taken in Westminster will impact on local public services and the people who rely on them. In this edition of the podcast we examine how the cuts and the current economic climate are affecting our infrastructure and umbrella groups. What are groups like NAVCA, NCVO and ACEVO doing to support their members and what's the feeling amongst frontline CVS staff? We also consider coalition working and how charities can make the most out of strong partnerships. Plus who's assessing the impact of Public Sector Cuts? Guardian Cutswatch to the rescue!

Programme guests

Kevin Curley, chief executive of NAVCA

Peter Lewis, chief executive of the London Voluntary Service Council

Vandna Gohil, director of Voice 4 Change England

Alan Lewis, the chief executive of Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services

Lesley-Anne Alexander, chief executive of RNIB

Patrick Butler, the Guardian's head of society, health and education

Programme links

Capacity Builders Survey of local third sector support providers: http://capacitybuilders.org.uk/node/460

London Voluntary Service Council's Big Squeeze Report: http://www.lvsc.org.uk/Templates/information.asp?NodeId=100050

Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services: http://www.lcvs.org.uk

Voice 4 Change England: http://www.voice4change-england.co.uk/

Guardian Cutswatch: http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/series/cutswatch

ACEVO's cutswatch microsite: http://www.cutswatch.org.uk

NCVO's guide to "coping with the cuts": http://www.ncvo-vol.org.uk/copingwithcuts